Car care this raining season

car tips for rainy season

Car tips for rainy season. 3 December, 2020. Jide fashetire City-Mechanic Automobile Limited. The rains are here, and these are the followings components every car owners must ensure are working in their vehicles;Functional wiper, working fog lamps and effective windshield defroster, all these are to aid your visibility during or after the rain. Car tips […]

Brake and fluid refill

how often to change brake fluid

How often to change brake fluid? 3 December, 2020. Jide fashetire City-mechanic automobile limited. The brake fluid reservoir is a transparent container which retain brake fluid, located mostly on the master brake cylinder. Brake fluid travels from this reservoir through the master brake cylinder to the anti-lock brake system (abs)modulator, then to each the brake […]

Oxygen Sensors; it effect on fuel economy in cars.

oxygen sensor benefits

Oxygen Sensor Benefits 3 December, 2020. Jide Fashetire Oxygen Sensors benefits: Oxygen sensors can be found on the exhaust manifold of an engine (pre-catalyst sensor) and another along the exhaust pipe(post-catalyst sensor). In between the pre and post catalyst sensor is a catalytic converter, this mainly converts harmful or toxic gases in the exhaust gas […]

Steering wheel vibrations

why does my steering wheel shake when i brake

Why does my steering wheel shake when i brake? 3 December, 2020. Jide fashetire Vibrations on steering wheel can be categorized into two (2) different parts:(a) vibration felt on the steering wheel while the vehicle is on motion or at 100km/h or a vibration experienced at the braking of the vehicle on a higher speed. (b) […]

Geely Holding Group and Subsidiary Brands Receive Awards at the 2020 Autocar Magazine Awards

PRESS RELEASES 10 November, 2020 11:00 am Auto repair and maintenance companies: Geely Holding Group executives and subsidiary brands have won accolades at the 2020 Autocar Awards, where automotive industry achievements from the past twelve months and outstanding career achievements are recognized. In a show of strength at the prestigious awards, Geely Holding’s Executive Vice […]

Best car interiors of 2020, because what’s inside matters

By Mark Macesich on March 16, 2020 Car Shopping New Vehicles Beauty should be more than skin deep. Especially when it comes to buying a shiny new car, truck or SUV. While most of us spend a lot of time thinking about the outside of our vehicles – maybe even imagining admiring glances as we drive down the […]

Smokes in cars

oil change

Oil Change: Posted on November 10, 2020 at 5:09 pm. Written By: Jide Fashetire There are 3 notably colour of smoke in cars,  namely black smoke(caused by excessive fuel being discharged into the combustion chamber) , Blue smoke(caused by engine oil leakage into the combustion chamber), and while white smoke(coolant leakage as well into the […]

Overheating in Cars; Motorists

Causes of engine overheating

Causes of engine overheating. Posted on November 10, 2020 at 5:03 pm. Jide Fashetire (Head, Technical )For: City-Mechanic Automobile Limited.Image source : Big Boyz Garage. The word “overheating” in cars literally means extremely hot engine, which implies alteration in the cooling system of the engine in a vehicle.  to an average motorists,it means  the sudden […]