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How often to change brake fluid?

3 December, 2020.

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how often to change brake fluid

The brake fluid reservoir is a transparent container which retain brake fluid, located mostly on the master brake cylinder. Brake fluid travels from this reservoir through the master brake cylinder to the anti-lock brake system (abs)modulator, then to each the brake caliphers, through the brake hose. However brake fluid reservoir do not only serve as a fluid retainer component, it also serves as a manual indicator gauge, in other word, when the fluid level in the reservoir is at the minimum mark, it implies that the brake pads has weared out, so new set of brake pads are needed to be replaced, so once they are replaced, the brake fluid level will automatically rise from the minimum mark to the maximum mark.

how often to change brake fluid

Please note, under normal driving condition, if there is no leakage(s) along the brake hose line or the brake calipher seals. The brake fluid volume remain intact, but car manufacturers recommended interval for a total drain and refill of brake fluid varies from 2 – 3years, while some call for a fluid change in mileage, between 30,000 to 45,000 miles.
In summary, if you have being of the habit of refilling your brake fluid reservoir at the slightest drop, please desist from such act.
Reason(s) for this is that the downward movement between the Max mark (maximum) and Min mark (minimum) on the reservoir, indicates the brake pads are gradually wearing out. So by the time the brake fluid hit the Min mark, it implies that your brake pads are weared out. If its a vehicle equip with the brake wear sensor, its will indicate the brake wear signal. So the brake warning light will illuminate on your instrumental cluster (speedometer).
Please make it a weekly routine to check or peep at your brake fluid reservoir.

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