Why does my steering wheel shake when i brake?

3 December, 2020.

Jide fashetire

why does my steering wheel shake when i brake

Vibrations on steering wheel can be categorized into two (2) different parts:
(a) vibration felt on the steering wheel while the vehicle is on motion or at 100km/h or a vibration experienced at the braking of the vehicle on a higher speed. 
(b) vibration felt on the steering wheel while the engine is running idle.
Considering vibration of steering wheel in motion, please note, that an unsmooth rotation of the tyre or a mark or an uneven surface on the brake rotor could be transfer from the drive hub to the steering rack through the tie-rod socket, then to the steering shaft, that connect to the steering wheel. 
Vibration of the steering wheel could be caused by a twisted tires, these tires tend to be unevenly balance, i. e one side is swollen thereby causing a wobbling movement, this movement will be felt on the steering wheel.
Recommendation: A replacement of the particular wobbling tyre(s) will correct the vibration experience on the steering wheel.
Vibration on the steering at 80km/h or 100km/h, and when you go above this speed, the vibration ceased. This is caused by an “imbalance” or “out of balance” of the tires.

Recommendation: Proper wheel balancing will correct the abnormality vibration on the steering wheels.
Braking at a high speed and experiencing a vibration is caused by a mark drawn on the brake disk or rotor by a worn brake pads or a sub-standard brake pads or a stiff brake piston. This rough surface of the brake disk or rotor produce the vibration the moment brake pads compresses to this rough surface.
Recommendation: Surfacing or smoothing of the rough surface on the brake disk or rotor could correct the vibration or an outright replacement of the brake disk or rotor.
On the other hand, when steering wheel vibrates while engine is running idle, this imply that the rpm gauge (revolution per minute) is running below optimal level, the possible causes are dirty throttle actuator, clogged fuel filter, defective ignition coil, worn spark plugs, bad manifold pressure sensor or incorrect ignition timing.

Recommendation: A proper vehicle diagnosis(scanning) will reveal the possible cause(s) of the vibration of the steering wheel, among these components mentioned above.

The above are some of the reasons why your steering wheel shake when you brake. Hope these tips will aid your troubleshooting procedure.

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