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Car tips for rainy season.

3 December, 2020.

Jide fashetire

City-Mechanic Automobile Limited.

car tips for rainy season

The rains are here, and these are the followings components every car owners must ensure are working in their vehicles;
Functional wiper, working fog lamps and effective windshield defroster, all these are to aid your visibility during or after the rain.

car tips for rainy season

Car tips for rainy season: Other components that could be damaged this season are; CV joints “drive shaft” and steering rack, if there protective boots are torn, (these boots prevent sands and mud from breaking through the bearings and seals respectively),while also preventing water from washing away the lubricant in the drive shaft.
Finally if its possible avoid driving through pool of water or flooded road, once water gets into the car, it find it way into some modules laid at the floor of the car, usually unknown to most vehicle owners.

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