Oil Change:

Posted on November 10, 2020 at 5:09 pm.

Written By: Jide Fashetire

There are 3 notably colour of smoke in cars,  namely black smoke(caused by excessive fuel being discharged into the combustion chamber) , Blue smoke(caused by engine oil leakage into the combustion chamber), and while white smoke(coolant leakage as well into the combustion chamber).
Combustion chamber in engine is an enclosed space in which air/fuel mixture is burned by a spark from the plugs. In other words combustion chamber only accommodate 3 agents in it enclosed space, namely; air, fuel and spark from the plugs. So any other agent(s) like the engine oil and coolant that find their path to the combustion chamber, will manifest their colour of smoke as mentioned above.

When cars emit black smoke, it implies excessive fuel is been burnt in the combustion chamber,  possible causes for this are ; defective mass airflow Meter,  bad oxygen sensor, clogged air filter, damaged fuel injectors(nozzles).

Blue smoke in cars is as a result of engine oil leakage into the combustion chamber from two ends, either from damaged valve seals or worn oil rings.

When white smoke emanate from exhaust pipe, coolant is getting into the  combustion chamber due to crack around the inner wall of the block engine or through a burnt cylinder gasket.

My professional advice, not all smoke in cars imply a weared  engine or a must replace engine, so dissect  the smoke with this tip, then seek for advice from a competent mechanic. Oil change is vital.

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