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Engine Repair.

fix the machine to prevent damage.

Auto repair services


Auto repair services: Our dedicated expert takes the required time  to properly diagnose affected vehicles in other to reveal problems within the engine, brakes, exhaust system, transmission and other components, as well as performance issues with the ignition coils, air flow and coolant, fuel injector and throttle. 

We understand and recommend taking your car in for a diagnostic check at least once a year, which will uncover minor problems that can’t be seen or heard (and that won’t trigger the check engine light). Diagnostic testing is also a useful tool when you’re checking out a used car with the intention of purchasing it.



During troubleshooting, our certified vehicle expert check for typical causes, identify the symptoms, the type of issue and the location of the problem in the vehicle, then eliminate non-issues.

We find a possible workaround  and solutions to fix the vehicle, then make sure the correct patches, drivers, and operating systems are properly configured and installed.

Tire & Brake Check

We will find & Fix any problem discovered.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Troubleshooting & Calibration 

Auto repair services: In theory, a TPMS is a feature that helps drivers understand the safety of their cars. But it’s only effective if drivers can identify the light and are still vigilant about checking their tire pressures. A 2014 study by Schrader International, a company that manufactures TPMS systems, found that 42 percent of drivers are unable to identify the low tire-pressure warning light on the instrument cluster. Roughly the same percentage of those polled admitted to rarely checking the tire pressure.

For those who do recognize the TPMS light, 21 percent said that when they stop to check the low tire, they only give it a visual inspection rather than using a tire pressure gauge, the study said. Worse yet, roughly 10 percent admitted to ignoring the light altogether.

What you should know about the tire & brake check

Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked.

Understanding when to seek brake care can extend the life of your brake system and vehicle, as well as protect the brake from failing.

Abnormal Sound: Any abnormal brake noise can indicate a serious issue with the system. Common noises include grinding, squealing or thumping. A routine brake check can identify the source of the sound and address the problem before it poses a safety hazard.

Brake Fluids: If you notice a puddle that looks similar to motor oil but appears oily and more yellow than brown, the liquid may be brake fluid. Your vehicle must maintain an adequate fluid level in order to stop appropriately.

While most of the signs on this list indicate progressive brake system problems that require service as soon as possible, a brake fluid leak is an emergency. Do not attempt to drive a car without adequate brake fluid.


Other Services.

fix the machine to prevent damage.

Tank pressure sensor

* Fuel system cleansing .

Brake Pedal

* ABS Module Replacement

Radiator fluid

* Coolant Exchange

Electrical Services

* Electrical/Electronics System Troubleshooting

Spray booth

* Panel Works & Painting


* Tracking/Security Device Installation