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By Mark Macesich on March 16, 2020

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Credit: Lincoln via NewspressUSA
The all-new Lincoln Corsair compact luxury SUV looks great on the outside …

Beauty should be more than skin deep.

Especially when it comes to buying a shiny new car, truck or SUV.

While most of us spend a lot of time thinking about the outside of our vehicles – maybe even imagining admiring glances as we drive down the highway or along a city street – the truth is that what’s on the inside of the vehicle probably counts even more.

auto body
Credit: Lincoln via NewspressUSA
But it’s the interior that made Autotrader’s 10-best list.

“A new car’s exterior design may get noticed first,” Autotrader said recently in announcing its 10 best car interiors under $50,000 for 2020. “But drivers spend most of their time inside their vehicle. An expensive, high-performance sports car can feel cheapened by a lackluster interior, and an economy car with an above-average cabin can feel much more expensive than it really is.”


Inside outstanding: WardsAuto’s 10 best vehicle interiors of 2019

“Most people spend several hours inside their vehicles each week, so interior features are extremely important when determining which new car to buy,” said Tara Trompeter of Autotrader. “While you could shell out big money and get an interior that fits the price tag, a little research can reveal many new cars that cost less and give you more when it comes to cabin fit and finish.”

And research is exactly what Autotrader hopes to provide, although, ultimately, only you can decide what interior fits best by actually getting into and driving a vehicle.

Here are Autotrader’s 10 best car interiors of 2020 in alphabetical order and insight into their reasoning:

Genesis G70

“The G70 offers an upscale interior, complete with contrast stitching, available diamond pattern seating surfaces and a pleasing mix of leather, rubber and brushed aluminum … Dollar for dollar, the G70 is probably the best performance sedan on the market.”

Hyundai Sonata

“All-new for 2020, the Sonata represents the latest evolution of Hyundai’s design language, inside and out. What really stands out to us is the sharpness of Hyundai’s new screens. They’re truly a level above the competition and will help the vehicle feel new for years to come.”

Jeep Gladiator

“Gladiator buyers are now treated to higher-end materials in the form of a soft-touch dashboard, rubberized controls and aluminum trim pieces. Chrysler’s excellent UConnect infotainment system is available throughout much of the model range … Leather seating surfaces, great storage solutions and loads of USB and USB-C connectivity ports round out the offering.”

Kia Telluride

“Kia’s Telluride arguably is the best execution of the three-row SUV formula to date. While any Telluride offers a modern interior … it’s the SX model that really wows us. The top-spec Telluride comes with leather seating available in four different upscale hues, a premium headliner and simulated wood trim.”

Lincoln Corsair

“The newest compact luxury SUV from Lincoln looks to be a hit right out of the gate, due in large part to its upscale interior that shares many design cues with its larger brethren. The 2020 Corsair incorporates clean horizontal lines across its dashboard and a pleasing mix of glossy and matte surfaces.”

Mazda CX-5

“Pretty much every Mazda could be included on a list of the best car interiors, but we’re partial to the 2020 CX-5. It feels downright luxurious, despite carrying an economy SUV price tag. In addition to upscale design and plush leather seats, the CX-5 excels at the little things.”

Mercedes-Benz GLB

“The GLB is Mercedes’ new compact three-row SUV — and that’s the first thing we love about it, as few SUVs of this size actually come with a third row. Beyond that, it offers the latest application of Mercedes’ small-car interior design language … [including] a wide panel across the dashboard that incorporates both a digital gauge cluster and infotainment display.”

auto body
auto bodyauto body
Ram 1500

“In redesigning its line of full-size trucks for 2019, Ram clearly prioritized interior design and comfort, and as a result, Ram trucks are now known for offering the nicest interiors in the segment.”

Toyota RAV4

“The RAV4’s interior is — to put it simply — just a nice place to be. Its rubberized HVAC dials are pleasing to handle and rotate with an upscale precision. Ergonomics are fantastic, while clever storage solutions abound, such as a shelf running the width of the dashboard.”

Volvo V60

“Part of Volvo’s appeal is in its calming, minimalist Scandinavian design language, and the V60 offers a good balance of value and utility. While it comes with a great cabin regardless of how it’s optioned, we’re especially partial to the newly available wool interior … which comes in a charming plaid pattern.”

“Any of the models on this year’s list of the 10 best car interiors under $50,000 will make driving more enjoyable, whether for a daily commute or an extended road trip,” Autotrader said.

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