City Mechanic NG

who we are

City-mechanic automobile limited, is fast becoming a household name in anything under automobile repair in Lagos, Nigeria. We earn this repute as a result of our tireless efforts in redefining automobile repair and maintenance. We have been in the auto repair, maintenance and servicing business since 2011.

In 2017 we commence city-mechanic automobile limited, to bridge the gap and remove the lapses in the service industry, in which our customers experienced in terms of failed service delivery, non-quality auto repair and service at affordable rates with no compromising standard.

Our quick turnaround time, attention to details and ability to work on a wide variety of different brands  and models, both new and old has earned us a reliable reputation, both on radio stations and social media amongst, listening audiences, followers and car owners in Lagos city and its environs. So, when it comes to car maintenance and repairs, no job is too complex or too complicated to troubleshoot, be it fleet or private cars.

The process

what made us different & perfect.

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Dedication & hard-worker

Our car mechanics are expert not because of the skills they have acquired in fixing vehicles, rather because of their dedication and hard work in meeting customer’s deadlines.

Automobile Repair And Maintenance

Tire Check

full loaded

We endeavor to inspect and satisfy that our client’s vehicle tires are road worth before returning their vehicles back to them.

Radiator Check

Water turbulance

Since the heat can destroy the mechanisms inside the engine, we encourage our customers to constantly have a healthy radiator in their vehicle to cool the engine’s temperature. This way, it will not get itself destroyed due to the heat it creates.

Body Paint

clean up the dirt

A clean looking vehicle reveals the mindset of its owner. The first and possibly most obvious benefit of getting your car repainted is it increases the car value.

Change oil

premium lube

Regular oil change keeps the vehicle engine clean and safe.  If you are not changing the car oil at the proper intervals, sludge will begin to build up in your engine and damage it.

Come & try our services

we always give the best price

Common Faq

most question ask

We are a great team of committed experts that understand the power of assurance and how it increases the growth of any business. This is the reason why we dedicate our time and effort to deliver efficient services promptly and accurately.

  • Features: As you join city mechanic ng’s premium services, you will benefit from our automobile expert assurance.
  • Support: We have dedicated customer service lines with quicker response time to support our members.
  • Exclusivity: Invitation based membership, celebrity associations, access to limited and private events.

We are opened for business from Monday to Saturday.

Time: 9am – 5pm 

The moment you become an active customer, automatically, you become a member, then benefit from all our premium vehicle services.

Interior Design

The qualities of our interior designer:
  • We embrace diverse styles. 
  • Take inspiration from everything and everywhere. 
  • We never stop studying the art form. 
  • We are courageous.  
  • We take the lead in co-ordinating projects.
  • Look to embrace new technology and ideas.
  • Understand the space and its function

Machine Optimization

Our expert optimizes vehicles by identifying and implementing new methods that makes the machine more durable & efficient. This include reducing cost while improving performance. Machine-learning techniques that improves equipment operations.

When it comes to car maintenance and repairs, no job is too complex or too complicated to troubleshoot.